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A single look is good enough for me.

Please don’t catch my eye. I want to turn away from you.
No, look at me. I want to get to know you.
I think you might be all that I wanted.
We dance around the words, not saying what we mean,
But letting the gaps in silence do the talking.
When will we learn that fighting our feelings won’t make them go away?
Nothing makes me happier and sadder than you.
And at the end of the day,
What’re left are the words you never felt the courage to say.

The air in the room went out the moment you walked in
And the world could hear the thumps in my chest 
Why do we let our minds win when our hearts are too afraid to feel?
You and I both knew what everyone else did not
A quick glance in my direction, and you knew I was yours 
We have a secret worth keeping, and a prayer worth repeating 
A single look is good enough for me. 

It’s you and me baby, against the world

the tides are turning for us now, boy
holding your hand i can part the red sea too
oh don’t you know we can do anything when we are together?
it’s been a while, but the winds of change is blowing against my skin
and we will be alright, yes we will be alright
let’s not let ‘what was’ get in the way of ‘what’s next’
happiness is burying my head in your chest
and inhaling your smell of tobacco and spicy cologne
i can stay this way forever, with you holding my hand
and the world cradling at my feet
let’s conquer it all now boy, why don’t we?

And then everything that would ever happen, happened.

It is funny how things always come back in a full circle
Which is ironic, since I never take three steps back when I am charging forward  
But it seems as if I had left the memory of you at the station,
And it has now found its way back home again
This time, you know what you’re looking for and what you’ve missed.
(If someone has feelings for you, it is going to be obvious, 
And you don’t have to waste your time obsessing over it)

And then, one day, your eyes read a sentence and a voice started speaking in your head,
(As often happens when your eyes read words)
This time, the voice sounded like someone you knew and needed all along
And the answer to your questions has long been answered 

They won’t find you here

don’t hold me like you want me, hold me like you love me
sometimes, the most reckless thing you can do with your heart, is not be reckless with it
i always thought i was the puzzle and you were the pieces
but everyone gets things backwards sometimes.
(Before you can find it, you first have to decide what it is you’re looking for)
the song in the air has been going around in circles
the same song I’d play outside your bedroom window each night if I could.

Sometimes all you need is one

one day i will rule the world, but first, my heart 
so i won’t let you take a grip at it again
we might be two accidents waiting to happen
a train wreck of bruised hands and fractured hearts 
but the truth is, if i could be with anyone right now, it will still be you
he said i am lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard
but since when did despair do anyone any good? 
sometimes the smallest thing takes up the most space in your heart 
and it’s funny how the one you don’t love
sometimes treats you better than the one you would cross the desert for 
so if you’re going to kiss me, I’d best be prepared to bleed. 

i wish i had never met you
no, i wish i could meet someone just like you 

I’d rather live with the answer than die with the question.

It seems as if the only cure for this supposed madness is to do what I know best - open up a blank canvas and write out what I am feeling. And suddenly the vague concepts of pain and hurt are given a whole new meaning, and the feeling of suffocation in my chest vaporizes away. Yet, no matter how accurately I write my feelings out, or how soundly I mumble it under my breath, it won’t change the way things stand between me. A poem, let alone a paragraph, is not a magic spell. And the feeling of relief is only temporary. And it seems that the only people who live by their words stay in all-white padded rooms, with a door locked from the outside, listening to music no one’s ever played. It’s all too easy to lose your mind when you lose your heart, they say.

As you drift further into the past
This memory of you fractures and splinters 
Until all that is left is not a picture but a feeling
And you can deny it all you want, but when your lips left mine, your pupils did dilate
There was magic even then, in the littlest things
Like to wake up next to you
And confirm that the images I saw on the back of my eyelids just seconds before
Have all been made real
So I’ll change as much as I can without changing who I am
Just promise me you’ll stay for good this time
       (You say that I am the puzzle, but only you have the right pieces)  

Out of ammo and out of breath

because you exist here, the air has became flammable
and these walls that i have built, are just paper
and your words are doused with gasoline, fanning the flames in my chest
you shouldn’t have come here, if you didn’t know how to play with fire 
but you lie here anyway, with a match in your hand

you say that you are scared, but you aren’t the only one trembling
"things will be alright" sounds like such a cliche, but that’s all i can muster right now

you close your eyes when you cry 
(and that is all okay) 
but please don’t keep them shut too long, my love
things have become beautiful since you last looked
and there’s nothing more to cry about.

You are a fever, rushing through my bones

why do you let me stay here?
walking through the crowds, but shrouded in a cloak of invisibility
is this how it is supposed to be?
i might be just another substance abuser, but baby im the future.
so let me be your dreamcatcher
we are young and stupid, and we were raised by wolves.
you with your leather-studded boots and jeans faded to white 
and those two eyes, which starlike sparkle in their skies
even the coldest winter will be followed by summer, you promised
and we’re going to be alright
i dont think your heart was mine to keep
and you know that it’s love when it starts to hurt
but we are young and stupid, and we were raised by wolves.

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